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The Alesie Group of Companies

The Next Generation of Global Industry.



The Alesie Group of Companies is focused on working towards a sustainable and innovative development of industry and global commerce. With 4 generations of knowledge in the production, processing, and global trade of food commodities, The Alesie Group is proud of it's complete commerce capability. 

In the 1980s, The Alesie Group expanded its scope into full scale industrial engineering design and development of equipment. Indecon Engineering N.V., an Alesie Group Company, has been a pioneer worldwide in private and public sector industry development through facility and equipment designed that is tailored to a specific applications.

The Alesie Group will forever be dedicated to the highest standard of moral and business ethics, through its umbrella "People and Planet First" policy that all Alesie Group Companies are required to adhere to. 

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Agro-Processing & Production

4 generations of agriculture knowledge.

More than 5 decades of global commodity trade experience.

INDECON Engineering an Alesie Group Company

Private & Public Sector Consulting

Complete Engineering Design, Development, and Consulting 

Planet & People First Policy

The Alesie Group is commited to a clean and green full of happy healthy people.

Global Commodity Trade

Economic and industry development planning  

Product Design & Development

Complete product design, development, and marketing for our private label eligible products.



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